3 Things to know prior to American Airlines Check In
American Airlines Guide for Online Check In
American Airlines Check in

3 Things to know prior to American Airlines Check In

American Airlines Check in

When it comes to airlines, you need to be punctual and stick to the schedule. If your flight has to leave at a particular time, then you should be in the waiting area minutes or even hours before the trip. We do understand that sometimes, you can be busy and end up forgetting about the flight plan.

A vast percentage of passages usually miss their flight due to the last-minute rush. To help with that, American airline has provided its consumers with an online platform. It allows you to check-in and confirms the departure time. 

There is an American Airlines mobile app that you can use to check the flight schedule and plan yourself according. The apps can be downloaded and installed on your android or iPhone and still work very well.

American Airlines

American Airlines Check In Guide
Check in Online on American Airlines Website

The company was started on April 15th, 1926, and commenced its operations on June 25th, 1936. The firm was initiated via a union that was made up of eight small airlines. It was back in 1930. Robertson Aircraft Corporation and Colonial Air transport merged and gave birth to the Aviation Corporation in 1929.

The Aviation Corporation was the operating airline, but in 1930, the name of the firm was re-branded to American Airway. Later in 1934, there was a new law that was formulated, which forced many airlines into reorganizing their business structures. 

The law also forced the Aviation Corporation to restructure its routes, and eventually, the firm was named American Airlines. The company continued to grow, and between 1970 and 2000, the firm had made a name for itself as an international carrier. 

American Airlines has become one of the world’s largest airlines. This is measured through the number of fleets it has, the amount of revenue following in, and the number of destinations served. 

However, in 2011, the firm filed for bankruptcy protection due to a downturn in the airline industry. Later in 2013 the American Airlines merged with the US Airways but maintained the name even after the merging.

This particular move had made the firm to be more profitable and have a larger market share globally. The company has even incorporated technology in enhancing their consumer experience and service delivery. This has been seen through the check-in feature that has been used on the airline’s website and even the American Airlines app. 

What is American Online Check-in?

American Online Check in is a feature that lets you check your flight plan in advance. This can be done when you are at home, in a hotel room or the office. It is advisable that you check-in within 24 hours and then 45 minutes before departure for domestic travel. If you are making an international trip, you need to check-in 24 hours or 90 minutes before the departure time. This still depends on your destination. 

To check for your flight, you will need to provide your name and booking confirmation number. However, at times, you can use the frequent flyer or even the credit card number.

On the other hand, if you have booked the flight through a third-party website rather than directly via airline. You will need to use your flight reservation code to check the flight schedule. When using the online Check-in feature, you can book a flight as well. This also gives you a chance to choose a seat, pay for any bag fees, and other expenses.  

Once you are done with the check-in process, you can print the boarding pass and have it emailed to you. Later you can show it at the American Airlines office using your mobile device. This particular technological advancement has made it possible for one to book and pay for an air ticket anytime.

So Why American Check-in Airlines

  1. The firm loves the check-in because it helps them to cut costs on paper and person. Therefore, when you use the online platform to book a flight, you will receive their services immediately. 
  2. You can bypass lines at the airport and escape the hassle. If you are traveling without luggage, there is no need to go through the check desk. This is because you have the boarding pass printed or on the phone.
  3. The fantastic thing about using the check-in feature is that you get to choose your seat. Plus, you will end up on the earlier boarding group at American Airlines.

How the American Airline’s flight check-in works

Checking your flight had taken a different direction form the past when one had to register for the trip at a help desk. Technology has made its roots in the industry today.

The travel industry has incorporated tech in every operation it undertakes. You can check for your flight details using the phone or a computer. As long as you have an internet connection, then you are good to go.

American Airlines Check in – How it Works

This particular feature is easy to use, and it does not take a lot of time finding your way through the interface. To check-in or even booking requires you to log in to the American Airlines website. There is also an option of using your mobile app as well to log in to the reward account. The process if fast and within minutes you will be done.

When booking a flight, you will be required to enter your details and even book the seat you prefer. It’s the main advantage of the online checking since you can pick the seat you feel is comfortable. This is something that you couldn’t do when at the checking desk in the airport. 

When booking a seat using the check-in platform, you will be able to identify the seats using colors. For instance, if you’re looking for a seat that has extra legroom. It will be marked green. 

On the other hand, seats that have yellow color shows that the seat is potentially troublesome. If the seat is red, it shows the seat is near the lavatory, or it lacks recline, among others. Therefore, take time and pick a seat that you find comfortable.

3 Things to Remember when checking in online

1- Get Checked in on time

The American airline usually notifies you about the flight schedules through texts, apps, or even emails. The alter informs you about the openings available during your booking.

The time that you should take to check for these services is 48 hours. This is the only time frame you have to check your details online and confirm. To access this information about your flight, you need to use your booking reference number. 

However, if you decide to use the traditional method, you must book a seat early. This is because most people use the digital platform to book. Hence there will be fewer seats, and some may not be comfortable for you.

2- Choose the Right Boarding Pass

Once you have booked your airline ticket, you are usually given the option to either print or send the boarding pass to your email. All these avenues are great since you are assured of having the boarding pass within minutes. 

However, we insist on having the boarding pass saved on your phone. This makes it easier for you to access it once at the airport. At American Airlines, we accept the mobile version of the ticket since it saves time and cuts costs. 

Plus, if you are a family traveling, the boarding pass can be saved on one phone. Always have in mind that the online check-in closes 45 to 60 minutes to departure. However, this depends on your destination.

3- Make your Booking (h) API

At American Airlines, you will be requested to provide Advance Passenger Information (API). This refers to your full passport names, insurance details depending on where you are going, contact info, and the address of where you will be staying. 

These details are protected by the airline, and it is private. Therefore, when checking-in, ensure you enter the details correctly. This guarantees you have a smooth check-in process.

How to use the American airline check-in

To use the services of American Airlines Check in, you will need to sign up for an American Airlines reward account. The account gives you a chance to book and even check for a flight. Therefore, go to the AA.com website and sign up for an account.

Enter your details that are your surname and booking reference/PNR. At some point, you will be asked to enter your advance passenger information though this depends on your destination. There is also the option of changing seats, and after you have completed counter check the information before signing out.

Mobile Check-in

Apart from the site, you can as well use the company’s app from Android Play Store or Apple Store for American Airlines Online Check in from your smartphone. You can download the app and install it on your handset for easier access. The app has a blue and red wing pattern with a white background. These are features you should look for to ensure you have the correct app installed.

Once you have installed the app, login in, and it will take you to the check-in process. Ensure you use the surname and the booking reference to log in. The app doesn’t only store the ticket, but it also acts as a virtual wallet. This makes it easier to update your details anytime to ensure you get the desired flight and comfort.

The second step will be activating the check-in feature. Below the trip details on your account, there is a Check-In button. Then you will be brought to the rules &regulations of the company. These are clauses that prohibit you from carrying hazardous materials. It includes aerosol, lithium batteries, toxins, explosives, among others. Click the Continue button to move to the next page.

This brings you to the seat selection page. Look for a seat that you perceive to be comfortable once you have identified the seat, click on it. Afterward, tap the click on the Boarding Pass button. The app then updates your reservation. Therefore, wait for American Airlines to counter check the flight in question. Once it has been approved, the boarding pass will be sent to your virtual wallet.


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